Digital Resources: Plant Growth & Development

Copy of PollinatorQuest (4).pdf

Pollinators WebQuest

Tap the PDF to the left and share with students. All videos are located on the website listed in the middle of the Pollinator Quest page ( Tap here to access the answer key.

Insects, Pollinators, Bees Reading Lexile 530-650.pdf

Pollinator articles

Integrate this science concept into your literacy time. Download the PDF to your iPad in the Books app, then share with students (airdrop or schoolwork). They can mark up the pages in the Books app using highlighting and pen tools. A response sheet can be located here, which can be printed or downloaded to the Books app.

Lesson 1-9 Materials

Additional lesson materials (printable) for the kit.

Lesson Resources

Additional resources (printable) that accompany the kit.


Additional lesson materials in Spanish (printable) for the kit.


Kids discover

Teacher's Guide to accompany the KIDS DISCOVER Bees reader.

Voc Power Bees.pdf

Kids discover

Power Vocabulary to accompany the KIDS DISCOVER Bees reader.

Plants Jeopardy

Download and open this file in ActivInspire (Need to install? Tap here) to play a review game with the vocabulary in the Plant Kit. (Tip: There is a white box hiding the Plants 5 Column, if you wish to create more questions)