sepup Unit 4: Energy

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The 3rd edition for this kit is now online, including teacher manuals and student ebooks. To access the online materials, you will need to login with your ECS Google account through Clever. Once you are in the Clever site, click on the "Lab-Aids" app to access the Lab-Aids portal. 

Within the Lab-Aids portal, you will need to assign the student eBooks to your class. You are able to assign the units one at a time, which will allow you control over which content you students can see and use. After finishing a unit, you can either unassign or allow the students to have access to the unit throughout the year.


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G6 Literacy Book Resources for ECS Science Kits.pdf

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ETHOS 2021-22 Science Kit Insert Grade 6.pdf

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You will not receive a kit folder with the kit.  Please see the above document for the following kit information: 

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