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Use a computer simulation that will allow you to observe the Moon’s orbit around Earth from a different point of view. In this case, your point of view will be looking down on the Earth–Moon system from out in space.

Each year on Earth, we observe patterns of changing temperatures, daylight hours, and seasons. In this activity, you will use a computer simulation to model Earth’s orbit around the Sun to help understand why we observe these patterns.

Use a computer simulation to observe how gravity is responsible for the motions within our Solar System. By modifying the distance between objects and the mass of objects, students are able to observe how these variables affect the orbital periods of planets in our Solar System. Extending this concept, students are able to calculate the mass of the Sun. Students are then asked to develop and use a model to describe the role of gravity in the motions within galaxies and solar systems.

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Slide of activities and the set up is similar to what they will see at West side. Each slide is an activity with warm up question and vocabulary (purple are new words)

(By Mackinzie Kempton, 6th grade, Daly)

U3 Solar System & Beyond Activity Slides
U3 Science Notebook Student Slides (EN)

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Student slides for a digital science notebook with some sheets related to activities included and slides for vocabulary words. Notebooks in English and Spanish.

(By Mackinzie Kempton, 6th grade, Daly)

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